This Is Success, Did You Know It?

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When you hear the word success … What is the first thing that comes to your mind? I will tell you my first thoughts:

  • earning a large amount of moneymoney-money-money
  • owning a big house
  • travelling around the world
  • obtaining one – or several – university degrees

For me, this was synonym for triumph. And I wanted so much to succeed that I got it; I traveled, I got my degrees and thanks to them I earned a lot of money for a while and I bought -with my life partner- a very big house. What a joy! I had all the success in the world, or not …

To my surprise, when I managed to materialize my idea of ​​success, I did not enjoy it. And I felt so guilty; how could it be? I had achieved it, I had everything! And I was not happy … Instead of succeeding, it seemed to me that my existence was a failure.

Then I started to investigate. What could be the reason why, despite having touched success with my own hands, I was not able to enjoy it? And I found the answers.

You can learn more about my journey of reunion with success and everything I found out in the documentary film “Failing To Success”. Its premiere will take place in the upcoming months and it will be available for you completely free of charge. You can watch the trailer by clicking on the following video.

Failing To Success

Everything that I learned was thanks to excellent human beings. In the documentary you will know the keys to a successful existence. And they will be given to you by the same people who helped me on my trip and who inspired me when I could only see shadows around me.

They are excellent coaches, experts in the world of spirituality and in the conscious creation of reality, internationally successful musicians and even scientists. Maybe you know them already; they are, in order of appearance:

Also, we count on the special appearance of Torque -Rock Band- Leon, Spain

All of them embody success in their lives. Even though they come from very different places and have such different occupations, they share the same insights into success.

You will not have to wait until the premiere, though. I’ll give you some clues about the wisdom that they all share in the movie.

Keys To Start

Are you clear about success?

I thought so. But when I crossed my finish lines I did not feel satisfied, fulfilled. I still felt empty. Today I know that this was due to the fact that I was not pursuing my own idea of ​​success, but the one I had most heard about.

If the things you want to accomplish don’t come from you, from your values, from your ideals as a person, from your unique way of experiencing life, when you reach your goal, are you going to have a real sense of completeness? Think about it…

Where do your projects come from?

Every time you start a project or you set a goal, do you wonder why you want to achieve it? Have you ever stopped to think about the place from where you start the road?

For example, in my case, I did not care how I felt, I overlooked what my body and my heart were crying out to me … I just wanted to be recognized, respected, loved … I believed that everything that would make me feel complete was outside. And you, do you think the same?

Failure is not what you think

Much of our power lies in the fact that we are the ones who give meaning to everything we experience.

el-fracaso-no-existeImagine that the definition of the word failure was: “a result which is different than the expected”. How do you feel when you read it? Now look at this other description: “pitiful, unexpected and unfortunate event”. The latter is one of the meanings that appear in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. And sincerely, it sends shivers up my spine when I read it, how about you?

The emotional charge that some words have – such as failure, fear, etc. – is due to the sense we have been giving them over time. As you have seen in the example above, you can get very different sensations with the same word.

Humans have been putting a lot of emphasis on systems of meaning that produce high levels of stress, frustration, exhaustion and inaction.

But the reality is that nothing is good or bad; words, events and everything around you simply exists. And you are the one who can -and should- provide everything with your own meaning; a meaning that drives you and leads you to your purposes, did you know it? 😉

You will learn much more about this and other issues in the movie. It is made with the true intention of reaching all those people who feel that their lives mean nothing, that their existence is expendable or that they will never be able to enjoy a significant and exciting lifetime on earth.

It is a gift for you; I want you to know that, just because you exist, you are already a success. And I honor and value your existence.

We see each other Failing to Success! 😀






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Luz´s professional practice is closely linked to her personal history with weight, body image and health issues. After suffering weight problems for almost 20 years and having accumulated an overweight of almost 30 kg (66 lbs), both her physical and emotional health began to deteriorate on many different fronts. It is therefore not a coincidence that she undertook a PhD in Media and Gender Studies (University of Swansea, UK). In her research, she has deeply analysed prevalent body image messages found in today´s popular culture, how such representations are perceived by the public, and how they relate to the development of dysfunctional behaviours. The variety of perspectives analysed in her work includes dominant beauty canons, overweight issues, distortions of perceived body image, power structures, sexuality, or balance of professional/personal life. Professionally, she is highly familiar with the devastating effects of current beauty canons pervasively promoted by a host of media, magazines, TV programs, or movie/music stars, and how such canons can easily permeate both our own minds and of those around us. Today, Luz has overcome her weight problems and has regained her health. Motivated by the need of helping others to solve problems that, like in her case, have you trapped in a vicious circle for years or even decades, Luz got certified as a Professional Coach. She currently lives in Sweden, where she runs El Viaje de Luz, with a practice of hundreds of hours of coaching with people like you who seek to overcome problems of physical, emotional or professional nature. You can read his full bio (in Spanish) here .

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