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Perhaps, when you enter El Viaje de Luz’s site devoted to bodily image and read its title (Lose Weight Without Diets) one thought comes to your mind: but why am I supposed to lose weight? Or, what makes them think that I would like to weigh less? Is it that I don’t look good enough with my current weight? Of course you do! The most important thing is that you feel good, regardless of whatever current beauty canons or your family and friends say. The essential thing is that you are happy as you are; no matter the size that you use or the pounds you weigh, you feel that you are living your life as you want to, and it shower you with a feeling of peace and joy. Congratulations! This is what it is all about. However, if you are overweight and you would like to get rid of those unwanted pounds because you are not completely happy with your situation, lose weight without diets and its method SinDiets© was born with the aim of helping people like you.

What You Will Find In Lose Weight Without Diets

lose-weight-and-gain-healthHere you will find a lot of resources to try to get rid of that excess weight that leaves you without energy to concentrate on other aspects of your life (your family, your job, your friends, your partner or even your hobbies). But let me warn you: if you are looking for a quick solution that allows you to use the size zero, this is not your place. And it is not your place primarily for two reasons:

  1. The first one is that here we believe in health. In the search of mind-body balance that is promoted in this site, there is no place for narrow definitions of thinness; that is why we do not believe in ideal sizes, perfect measurements or correct weight because – fortunately – we are all very different, and what works well to a body and a person may differ greatly from what other needs.
  2. The second reason is that here we intend to provide permanent solutions to a problem that, if poorly managed, can accompany you throughout your entire life. Over time (and after a lot of bad experiences) I learned that quick fixes are not solutions in reality; they do not tackle the underlying problem so, although in the beginning you get rid of a few pounds, in a short time the real problem will return; yes, that one which has not gone by restricting calories …

You Are Already Beautiful!

you-are-beautifulHere we work with the belief that all bodies are beautiful as they are; no matter if you are taller, smaller, with a more athletic or thinner constitution… Beauty lives in each and every one of us in a huge variety of ways; attractiveness is found in many details and here we see it, we see far beyond the prevailing canons of beauty. Once I heard that what is beautiful is beautiful for all and that cannot be discussed. But for me it is certainly questionable, because the idea of ​​beauty has changed over the centuries and different civilizations have defined beauty in very disparate ways. In fact, today there are places in the world where the concept of beauty is far from resembling the ideas we have in the West.

love-yourself-firstSo, before anything else, I would ask you to start by learning to love yourself unconditionally, regardless of weight, size, height or skin colour. Love your uniqueness, just as it is, one of a kind. It was the first thing I did myself; and from there, things did begin to change. I will not say that it was an easy task, but you can achieve it without any doubt. It requires a commitment on your part and perseverance in the exercise you have chosen to start to really love yourself. I began with tapping or EFT, do you want to know what it is? Click here 😉

I hope that you have enjoyed the post and that it has helped to broaden your perspective as well. You know, any questions or comments you may have can be left down here, I appreciate them!



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About the author: Luz

Luz´s professional practice is closely linked to her personal history with weight, body image and health issues. After suffering weight problems for almost 20 years and having accumulated an overweight of almost 30 kg (66 lbs), both her physical and emotional health began to deteriorate on many different fronts. It is therefore not a coincidence that she undertook a PhD in Media and Gender Studies (University of Swansea, UK). In her research, she has deeply analysed prevalent body image messages found in today´s popular culture, how such representations are perceived by the public, and how they relate to the development of dysfunctional behaviours. The variety of perspectives analysed in her work includes dominant beauty canons, overweight issues, distortions of perceived body image, power structures, sexuality, or balance of professional/personal life. Professionally, she is highly familiar with the devastating effects of current beauty canons pervasively promoted by a host of media, magazines, TV programs, or movie/music stars, and how such canons can easily permeate both our own minds and of those around us. Today, Luz has overcome her weight problems and has regained her health. Motivated by the need of helping others to solve problems that, like in her case, have you trapped in a vicious circle for years or even decades, Luz got certified as a Professional Coach. She currently lives in Sweden, where she runs El Viaje de Luz, with a practice of hundreds of hours of coaching with people like you who seek to overcome problems of physical, emotional or professional nature. You can read his full bio (in Spanish) here .

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