Afraid Of Christmas Time? Eat And Do Not Gain Weight

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Yes, as you are reading, eat and do not gain weight. There was a time when it was an authentic ordeal for me; gathering around a table full of “prohibited” foods and watching all my relatives eating what they wanted and staying as slim as I dreamed to be one day… But, listen, during my research to lose weight without diets, I learned several things to delight in food and still stay healthy and slim. Yes, eating but not gaining weight has turned out to be something real for me. But maybe, you are like me and you think that, during this period of lights, gatherings and Christmas carols your priority is not losing weight but simply keep it stable. Be that as it may, let me share with you some of those things that I learned in my journey (warning: if you have some excess weight you could even lose some pounds! 😉 )

Like Eating Pastries And Candy? Make Your Own!

refined-sugar-and-flourI hate cooking, but when it comes to eat things like muffins, cakes and cookies I don’t mind making my own at all. And I do it not only in order to lose weight but also for health reasons. I remember the day that I read that white sugar and white flour acted as a poison in my body… I turned also white as a ghost. Nowadays you may have heard about it but, at the time, I was not aware at all and I felt so tricked and swindled. I had been for so many years eating those foods and I had never suspected the pernicious effect they had for my body.

White sugar and flour are treated food, they have gone through a refining process. Manufacturers use a form of chlorine gas to bleach flour; and, in the case of sugar, in order to turn the yellow-to-brown colour of raw sugar into white, the chemical sulfur dioxide is used (phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide are also added in other phases of the refining process). What is left after this procedure consists of refined carbohydrates, that is, vitamins, minerals and proteins originally contained in the raw, unprocessed product, are no longer there. White sugar and white flour are empty food, they provide empty calories. The body cannot recognize and, therefore, use these foods so, do you guess what it may do so as to protect itself? Yes, your body may turn it into fat.

delicious-homemade-bakeryThis is an abridged version of a much more complex process by which these food are spoiling your process of weight loss and your entire health. But now I’m sure that you see clearer the point of doing your own bakery and any other food you love to indulge in. If the body can recognize what you put in it, then it can use it. If you start to substitute white, refine stuff for wholegrain, raw food you will start to notice that you maintain or even lose those unwanted kilograms (or pounds) without even realizing. No more counting calories and restricting quantities and foods, just living! 😉

Some More Tips To Maintain Your Current Weight During The Holidays

detox-green-juiceDid you eat too much last night? No worries, it’s normal. It is much more difficult to pay attention to our body signals when we are in front of a feast with friends and family. But the next morning, when you wake up, it is easier to communicate with the needs of our bodies. It’s very likely that, after eating more than you actually need, your belly feels full and tight (abdominal bloating). Drink warm lemon juice first thing in the morning. Afterwards, have for breakfast a fresh juice or a smoothie with veggies. My favourite juice for cleansing the digestive system contains: 2 apples, ¼ cucumber, 1 stick of celery, 1 handful of spinach, 1 handful of parsley or other mixed green leaves and 2 ice cubes. Take this juice or any other of your choice after an excess and you will be aiding your body in detoxifying, staying healthy and maintaining its weight.

Please, don’t stop going for a refreshing walk even if it’s cold out there. Just wrap you up warm and enjoy the amazing benefits of fresh air.

Lastly (and the most important thing): do not obsess over food, exercise of diet. Just try to apply these tips and enjoy. In the end, that’s what it’s all about 😉

Have you tried some of the above? Tell me! Leave below any question or comment you want to 😉


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Luz´s professional practice is closely linked to her personal history with weight, body image and health issues. After suffering weight problems for almost 20 years and having accumulated an overweight of almost 30 kg (66 lbs), both her physical and emotional health began to deteriorate on many different fronts. It is therefore not a coincidence that she undertook a PhD in Media and Gender Studies (University of Swansea, UK). In her research, she has deeply analysed prevalent body image messages found in today´s popular culture, how such representations are perceived by the public, and how they relate to the development of dysfunctional behaviours. The variety of perspectives analysed in her work includes dominant beauty canons, overweight issues, distortions of perceived body image, power structures, sexuality, or balance of professional/personal life. Professionally, she is highly familiar with the devastating effects of current beauty canons pervasively promoted by a host of media, magazines, TV programs, or movie/music stars, and how such canons can easily permeate both our own minds and of those around us. Today, Luz has overcome her weight problems and has regained her health. Motivated by the need of helping others to solve problems that, like in her case, have you trapped in a vicious circle for years or even decades, Luz got certified as a Professional Coach. She currently lives in Sweden, where she runs El Viaje de Luz, with a practice of hundreds of hours of coaching with people like you who seek to overcome problems of physical, emotional or professional nature. You can read his full bio (in Spanish) here .

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