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Hi! My name is Luz (”light” in Spanish) and, as my name indicates [;-D], I am here to shed light on the infinite potential that you have within you because, I don’t know if you already know it or if you have been told before, but everything you need to manifest your dreams and your desires is within you. Interestingly, I found this out after undergoing a coaching process myself. I had spent a long time trying to find out why I did not feel completely satisfied with myself or what I was doing with my life. It was tough for me to admit these feelings and even more so to try to explain it to someone to get it off my chest because, supposedly, I had nothing to complain about. My life – I reiterate, supposedly – was ideal: I took a university degree, I did a postgraduate master’s degree, and I took internships in companies. Then I decided to improve my level of English and do a Ph.D. abroad. I have been lucky enough to travel halfway around the world and, as if that were not enough, I had – and still have – a wonderful man by my side who loved me without conditions. Indeed, summed up in this way and seen from the outside, anyone could think I had no reason to feel trapped in my own life. I searched for help on several occasions, but it didn’t work; I received very negative value judgments that, far from helping me understand what was happening to me, plunged me even more into my pain. So, in the end, I was back to the starting point, but with more frustration and guilt. So when I started researching the coaching phenomenon a few of years ago, I decided to give it a try.

No matter how ideal your life seems in the eyes of the people around you, the key is that your life should be ideal for you. If you have dedicated your entire existence to building your life based on external ideas of what a perfect life is, you will likely reach a point where you feel the urge to stop (maybe even, in your imagination, you want to run and run far, far away). It is the first sign that something inside you is not right. It is frightening, and you have to work hard to order your thoughts, but it is much worse and sadder to waste the gift that is your life fulfilling the expectations that the current socio-cultural system has for you. Think about it, do you want to reach the end of your days regretting that you wasted your time on earth living as you were told to live? Your life is yours and no one else’s. Take control now!

If I Did It, You Can Too!


Your creative power is infinite, but it will not manifest as long as you continue to believe that your current results are the casual result of different circumstances. When you get rid of fear, the beliefs that limit you, and the value judgments of your environment, you will have taken a giant step in expanding the limits of your consciousness, and you will begin to understand that happiness is in your hands.

Now you’ll be asking yourself the same kind of questions that came to my mind the first time I heard this; How is everything going to be inside me if, to solve some issues, I need material things like the money? What is it, and how do you do that of expanding the limits of your consciousness? It seems terribly abstract and complicated, right? Our educational systems hardly contemplate the possibility of including in their programs topics that address emotional intelligence and the integral development of the person. The so-called inclusive education is something that has started to be talked about relatively recently, but there is still a long way to go.

In any case, regardless of the educational system, there are specific tools that can help you understand all these concepts and implement them in your life to achieve anything you set your mind to; mine, in particular, was coaching. I know that all this sounds very different from everything you have seen and have been told throughout your life, but I also know that if you are reading this, it is because you believe that you have already done everything humanly possible to improve or resolve an issue and you feel disappointed, frustrated and stuck because you have not just achieved it. You have already tried several things, and you find yourself the same as at the beginning or, worse still, you keep repeating the same patterns of behavior over and over again, hoping to obtain different results at some point in your future life (let me tell you, of course, that is not will happen). I was in the same situation, and only when I managed to transcend my usual way of doing and understanding things did the change occur, and I achieved my goals.

So, if you are willing to change your paradigm and start walking in a new direction, I’ll wait for you here!


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